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SOC Online Academy is a high school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We have online courses for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  98% of our graduates reach top level universities. We will soon also offer English as Second Language (ESL) classes.

We offer great courses that help students succeed. Classes are engaging and clear. Learning activities help our students. We have easy to access learning platforms. These give students activities they can use to fully grasp their work. SOCOA has teachers who help students succeed from lots of backgrounds from around the world. Testing is thorough and secure. Apply today!


100% Online Courses with video conferencing and interactive assessments

Specializing in preparing for universities in Canada, the US, UK, Australia and more.

Programs available for Domestic students, international students, and mature students.

SOC Online Academy Description
SOC Online Academy About Us

Secondary School Credit Courses

Our classes let students earn credits toward the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma).  Students may enroll with us as part of their full time studies. Those who are in high school can take extra courses with us. You may also upgrade courses from prior learning.

We offer courses for grades 9 – 12.  We specialize in helping students get ready for university or college. We offer key grade 12 courses. These include ENG4U (English), MHF4U (advanced functions), MCV4U (calculus and vectors), SBI4U (biology), and SCH4U (chemistry). We also offer social studies, humanities and computer courses. We are authorized by the ministry to teach courses that give credits for the OSSD.

English as a Second Language

SOC Online Academy also offers second language learning programs.  Students of all ages and experience levels can work in a creative online environment to improve their English language skills.  SOCOA offers credit courses within the Ontario Secondary School Diploma ESL program: ESL AO, ESL BO, ESL CO, ESL DO, ESL EO – each one providing enriched language achievement in communication and comprehension.*

Adult Learners

We also offer English language programs to support adult learners who wish to upgrade their skills for purposes of college/university admission, employment and immigration.  Our programs are developed by our own language specialists to target key skills: vocabulary building, grammar, strategies for reading comprehension, writing for academic purposes, and listening and understanding.  Successful participants move on to further education with a strong foundation and confidence.