SOC Online  Academy is affiliated with Southern Ontario Collegiate, a private school in Canada that teaches kids in grades 9-12.  We prepare international students to meet university requirements in Canada, USA, UK and many other countries. 98% of our graduates reach top level universities. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our students excel in their studies.

Why study with SOC Online Academy?

Remote learning is more convenient than in-class learning, as you don’t need a  commute and can choose your own schedule. At SOC Online Academy, we have taught students from all over the world for years. Our teachers are patient, helpful and inspiring.

Canada is a highly educated, diverse country and has been popular with international students for many years. It is our mission to allow our students to benefit from a Canadian education which is recognized all around the world.

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Advantages of joining SOC Online Academy

Students in Ontario may face challenges pursuing online courses through their local high school. Not all schools offer this option, and many of them are still working on how they deliver their online courses. SOC Online Academy focuses exclusively on virtual learning. Our staff and faculty are ready to provide a full educational experience.

International students do not require a study permit to take online courses at SOC Online Academy. It is accessible to students from anywhere in the world. Our online school brings the classroom wherever an internet connection is available. Students can study, attend classes, and complete their assignments from where they want, such as a library or from home. SOC Online Academy’s Ontario Certified Teachers are available to help via email and online video conferencing.

Mature students may be more comfortable completing secondary school courses in an online environment. It removes the pressure of being in a conventional high school setting where mature students may feel out of place. Studying from home allows adult students to meet family responsibilities such as child care, looking after other family members, and other domestic tasks. There’s no travel required so there are no issues around transportation and being away from home. Some employers may make accommodations for employees wanting to upgrade their skills. It is possible to take our online courses while at work.